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Flat Polish Granite Edge
Half Bullnose Granite Edge
Bevel Granite Edge
Full Bullnose Granite Edge
Eased Granite Edge
Reverse Bevel Granite Edge
Radius Granite Edge
Ogee Granite Edge
Cove Granite Edge

Granite Edges

Like the granite you choose, countertop edges play an important role in the overall design statement of your kitchen or bath. For example, the clean lines of a flat or mitered edge nicely complement a sleek modern style, while rounded bullnose edges evoke a more traditional mood. Another classic edge, ogee, creates a more formal look with its extra level of detail. We'll be happy to help you think through all your edging options.

All granite edge options are crafted free of charge with any granite countertop purchase. If a more customized edge is desired, our seasoned granite installers can offer both the expertise and competitive pricing you seek.