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Granite Pavers and Granite Tiles

It's no accident that granite tiles were the preferred choice of ancient Roman architects—and that they've survived centuries of foot traffic. Durable, beautiful and eco-friendly, our wholesale granite tiles and pavers are the ideal flooring choice not only for today's outdoor kitchens, patios and walkways, but for dramatic entryways, kitchens and wine cellars.

Fireproof and heat-resistant, these wholesale granite tiles partner well with outdoor fireplaces and barbeques, and are kind to bare feet on hot summer days. Granite is four times stronger than concrete and will not crack, fade or wear from the stress of our variable climate and expansive soils.

For the ultimate, unified look, Wholesale Granite Direct can cut granite pavers from scraps salvaged from your countertop slab. We can also recycle from other granite remnants and cut a wide range of shapes, ranging from sleek diamond to tumbled cobblestone. Or consider granite planks, which couple the long, elegant lines of hardwood with the gleam of granite—sure to create impact in any kitchen or foyer.