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Face-off: Solid Granite vs. Granite Overlay

In the world of granite countertops, a new option is becoming available and gaining popularity. Granite overlays are ¼" thick slabs of granite that are placed on top of your existing countertops, eliminating the need to completely remove pre-existing countertops. While this may save some time and money in the remodel process, doubts have been raised recently over the quality, value, and endurance of granite overlays

First off, granite overlays are generally not made from pure granite. This is what differentiates them from thin granite slabs. Overlays are often composites of granite, quartz, and stone fragments, bound together with a resin to give them the appearance of natural stone. This is a cheaper option, and subsequently reduces the overall value of your countertops, as compared to natural granite

At only ¼" thick, granite overlays lack the structural soundness of solid granite slabs, which are more often 1½" thick. This difference in thickness is most noticeable around the kitchen sink, if you mount your sink underneath the countertops. This difference has also led some to speculate that overlays will not be as durable over time. However, the popularity of granite overlays has not existed long enough to get an accurate estimate of how long they will last.

The biggest selling point for those looking to purchase stone overlays for their counters is the price. Stone overlay is typically less expensive than solid granite (especially compared to some of the more premium styles of granite). The labor costs of installation are also cut down because no demolition is needed, and a lot of people do their overlay installation themselves. Taking the DIY approach saves money, but you may end up with more seams than you want.

At the prices available here at Wholesale Granite Direct, you probably won't see much difference between our 100% natural granite and the granite overlays you purchase elsewhere. Our discount granite slabs will help you stay on budget and provide you with a higher quality, more long-lasting product than stone composite counter overlays. Contact us if you have any questions about your kitchen or bathroom remodel.